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We are settled between Chinon an Fontevrault, Loire Valey, were the Plantagenets once led their kingdom. As a result Alienor d’Aquitaine and is soon Richard Coeur de Lion laid to rest at Fontevrault Abbey.

All orders of wine or beer on this website can only be delivered in France.

The shop part of this site has not been translated into English because we believe wine lovers will know how to purchase bottles on our web pages as the numbers and names of wine are the same in any languages.

Wine Tourism

If you are planning to visit the area we strongly recommend a tour of the vineyards of the Chinon wine appellation. There is much to discover about this area. Why not make a visit to find out more about the characteristics of the vines on a little « promenade » around the vineyards of this Unesco heritage site, then stop for a tasting at the local wineries where the winemaker will explain how the wine is made.


Just call us at 033+667753733 or fill the contact form below to arrange and book your visit just as you would enjoy it to be.

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